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12 Days Of Christmas Magic

We scoured the internet, searching through Pinterest and popular blogs, to find all of the most festive, creative, unique and Christmas ideas out there - just so we could share them with you!

Each day from December 1st through 12th we'll unveil a new ornament full of Christmas tips, gift ideas and exclusive coupon codes that will help make your Christmas magical. You'll find inspiration for starting new family traditions, tricks for staying organized throughout the busy holiday season, safety tips for your pets, personalized gift suggestions, and awesome Christmas party ideas for kids and adults including games, recipes and more!

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DAY 1: Surprise Them With A Christmas Eve Adventure
Have A Magical Scavenger Hunt In Personalized PJs
December 1, 2013

Christmas Eve is one of the most special days of the year and with it comes an abundance of excitement and anticipation, so much so that the evening seems to fly by and come to an end before you have a chance to revel in the magic. Well, we've come up with some great ideas and new traditions that will not only help make your Christmas Eve more memorable, it will also give you and your family the chance to really "be in the moment" and savor every minute of this special night.

For starters, kick off the night with a new tradition by letting the kids open one present on Christmas Eve - new personalized pajamas! Our Holiday Cheer Embroidered Pajama Sets are the perfect PJs because they can be embroidered with any name in both adult and youth sizes so the entire family can match! The kids will love getting a chance to open a gift early and Mom will be happy because it ensures that the kids will be dressed in cute PJs for Christmas Morning pictures!

Once everyone is nice and cozy in their new personalized PJs, sit down as a family and read the popular Christmas book The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg to get everyone in the mood for the adventure you're about to surprise them with! When you've finished the book, announce that it's time for bed and escort the kids to their rooms. On each of their beds, hide an Embroidered Snowman Mini Treat Bag under the covers. Choose a boy or girl treat bag design for each of your little ones and have it embroidered with their name. Have a camera ready because you'll want to capture all of their giggles and screams as they discover their Christmas Eve surprises! Inside each of the treat bags, include their favorite candy or snacks and most importantly – their special ticket for the "(Your Name Here) Express" (Click HERE for a free printable of our exclusive Express tickets that you can personalize with your own family name)!

Explain that they've just received a special ticket to go on a magical adventure and have them put on their coats and slippers and head the family car or van with their new treat bag and ticket. When everyone is lined up, act as Conductor and punch a hole in each of their tickets before they climb into their seats. Once everyone is buckled in, hand them their Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt List (Click HERE for a free printable of our exclusive Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt List) and a crayon and set out on your Christmas Eve adventure! Take them on a car ride past all of the best decorated houses in your area so they can find items from their scavenger hunt list. They can snack on the goodies in their treat bags as they stare out the window in wonder of all the beautiful twinkling lights of the neighborhood. You can all work together as a family to find everything on the list or make it a friendly competition and suggest that whoever finds all of the items first wins a prize or gets to open the first present on Christmas morning.

Once you've finished your magical adventure on the Family Express, it's time to make your way home. Before sending the kids off to bed, remind them to set out the special Cookies & Milk for Santa Plate and Mug that you can have personalized with their first names or any 3-line message. They'll love knowing that Santa knows exactly who the cookies are from and they'll head off to bed excited to wake up and see how many he ate!

DAY 2: Spread Christmas Cheer From The Heart
Say "Thank You" With Homemade Treats
December 2, 2013

Sure "it's better to give than to receive" but it's even better when you give from the heart. After all, impersonal gifts aren't the best way to express gratitude … instead, try adding a personal touch to homemade goodies - putting your own time and effort into making holiday treats is a great way to show people how much you care, without breaking the bank!

Our Personalized Christmas Gift Stickers, like the popular Holiday Goodies Design, not only create a beautiful presentation for your homemade treats, they also let the recipient know exactly who it was who took the time to make their yummy gift! These circle-shaped stickers fit perfectly on top of Mason Jars, which are the hot new trend in gift presentation. Pick a favorite Mason Jar Recipe, like Apple Cinnamon Pancakes, Reese's Pieces Chocolate Cookies, or any one of these 25 Mason Jar Recipes we found on, and carefully layer a mason jar with each of the ingredients. The clean layers of ingredients combined with your personalized gifts sticker and some ribbon will give this sweet gift the lovely presentation that it deserves!

Since "Holiday Gifts in a Jar" yield smaller portions they make great gifts for individuals, like the mail man or bus driver. However, if you'd like to show your appreciation to a larger group of people, such as your coworkers or your local fire department, we suggest making big batches of holiday treats that can be presented to a group of people to share! Bake a couple dozen of your favorite Christmas cookies or try out a fun new festive recipe, like's Santa Party Mix (click the link for the full recipe), which is bright, colorful and sure to make their day merry and bright! Add your personal touch to the group gift by presenting your homemade cookies or party mix in one of our Personalized Christmas Gift Tins, like the Winter Family Character Design, a design that features your family members as cartoon elves at the North Pole!

They'll be truly touched that you went the extra mile to show your appreciation and you'll be left with the joy of making their day!

DAY 3: Preserve The Magic Of Santa In Kids
Encourage Them To Write & Visit
December 3, 2013

There's no way around it, some little kids are going to be afraid of Santa and at some point in childhood, usually around 8 or 9 years old, kids are going to start questioning whether or not Santa Claus is real. However, if you feel that your little ones are too young to stop believing, or if you want your kids to stop being afraid of Santa, we have a couple suggestions that will help you preserve the magic of Santa Claus a little while longer.

Start out by encouraging your child to write a letter to Santa Claus that includes their Christmas list. Make sure you help them address the envelope to "Santa's Workshop, 1225 Reindeer Lane, North Pole 99801" and let them watch you as your drop it in the mailbox with plenty of time before Christmas. Once you've dropped their letter in the mail, pick out one of our Personalized Letters from Santa and make it your own! Choose from one of our three festive stationary designs and have it customized with your child's name and hometown. The letter, along with a matching envelope that will be addressed directly to your child, will be shipped to you so that when the time is right, you can simply add a stamp and drop it in the mail at your convenience. Imagine how excited they'll be to receive their very own mail, especially when they see that Santa knows their name and where they live! For those little ones who are intimidated by Santa, they'll feel much more comfortable when they see how nice and jolly he is in his letter.

In addition to writing a letter, take your little ones to visit Santa at your local mall or department store. The excitement of all the other kids waiting in line is sure to rub off on your older children and when they get a chance to sit on Santa's lap they'll be filled with wonder again. For your smaller children who are afraid of the big man in the beard, reassure them that he won't hurt them and let them see the other children sitting on his lap before it's your turn. They'll see how nice Santa is being with the other kids and feel more comfortable when it comes time for them to climb up in his lap.

Be sure to snap a photo of your child sitting on Santa's lap and place it in one of our Personalized Visit with Santa Photo Frames. Display the frame prominently at home and remind your little ones every day before Christmas about how they met Santa and he's the real deal! It will help preserve the magic of Santa a little while longer and keep it going the rest of the season.

Don't panic if your younger children start crying or get scared when the time comes for them to meet Santa – you aren't the first family to have an awkward run-in with Kris Kringle, as evidenced by the hilarious photos in this "Scared of Santa: The Funniest Santa-Pics-Gone-Wrong You'll Ever See!" Slide Show we came across. If your little ones are still afraid of Santa after their visit, don't worry. They're sure to grow out of it next year and look on the bright side - you'll have photographic evidence of an unforgettable memory that the whole family will enjoy reminiscing about when the children are older!

DAY 4: There's More To Stockings Than Stuffers
Start A New Game Or Tradition
December 4, 2013

Our Personalized Christmas Stockings look beautiful when they're hung by the chimney with care but they can be so much more than just a pretty Christmas decoration!

Both children and adults will love using their personalized stockings to play the Mystery Stocking Game at your next Holiday Party! To play, take one of your embroidered stockings off of the mantle and fill it with several small items that are associated with Christmas. Use ornaments, candy canes, or anything you'd like, making sure to never repeat an item. Seal off the top of the stocking with a rubber band or by tightly wrapping some Christmas ribbon around the top. Split all of the party guests up into smaller teams and make sure everyone has paper and a pen ready. The stocking should be passed around the room so that every player gets a chance to feel the items and write down what they think is inside. Give each team 2-3 minutes to write down their guesses and designate one person to keep the time with a stop watch or timer. Once every team has had their turn, open the stocking and reveal all of its contents one by one. When you've emptied the stocking have all of the teams count up their scores and the team that ends up with the most correct guesses is the winner!

You can also create a fun game with Stockings for your kids on Christmas morning. Once the children have gone to bed on Christmas Eve and you've finished placing all of the presents under the tree, fill each of their stockings, making sure to leave out anything that could be breakable. Instead of hanging them back up on the mantle, take your time hiding each of the stockings in different areas of the house. The next morning when the kids wake up, the hunt is on! Let them know that they have to search for their stockings and that no one can open gifts until they are all found (Make sure you've personalized one of our Embroidered Stockings with their names so they won't get them mixed up)! This will be a fun bonding experience for kids, especially because siblings will be motivated to work with and help each other find their stockings. For extra incentive, announce that the first child to find their stocking gets to be the first one to open a gift!

Stockings can also be used to start a lovely new tradition that the whole family can enjoy. Once Christmas is over and all of the stockings have been emptied of their gifts, gather the family together to make New Year's Resolutions, predictions and/or goals that they would like to see happen sometime in the next year. Have each family member write down their personal goals and resolution on a piece of paper. When they're happy with their goals, have them slip the paper into their stocking before packing up all the Christmas decorations. Next year when it's time to bring out the Christmas decorations again, have the family get together and share how they did with their resolutions for the past year!

DAY 5: Christmas Party Tips & Recipes
Impress Guests With Personalized Details
December 5, 2013

If you're looking to be the "Hostess with this Mostess" this holiday season, you've come to the right place! We gathered some of our favorite creative Christmas party ideas from Pinterest, along with the perfect complimentary party accessories from our wide selection of Personalized Christmas Gifts that combined together, are sure to help you truly impress your dinner guests!

Welcome your guests into your home by taking their coats, walking them over to your Personalized Holiday Beverage Server and offering them a drink. We suggest filling your beverage server with this Christmas Sangria recipe, which includes white wine, sparkling apple cider, cranberries and an array of other fresh fruits that make it fitting for this time of year. As you hand each of your guests their wine glasses, present them with a Holiday Cheer Personalized Wine Tag so they can write down their name and enjoy their night without worrying about misplacing their drink.

Surprise your guests by setting out a Christmas-themed appetizer, like the quick and easy Festive Cabot Cheddar Tree, which looks so elegant that your guests will think you spent hours working on it. While your friends and family are enjoying their cocktails, make sure dinner is in order and that your table is set to impress.

Create a Candy Cane Place Card Holders to hold a name card for each of your guests and arrange them at the top of each place setting so everyone knows where to sit, or use them to cards labeled with all of the different food you'll be serving and display them prominently in front of each dish. Add a whimsical touch to the dinner table by folding red and green napkins into the shape of elf shoes and placing one on top of each plate (Click HERE for a tutorial on how to turn your napkins into elf shoes). For a touch of elegance, neatly position each guest's silverware setting inside one of our Mini Stockings.

Your guests will be in awe of your one-of-a-kind hosting skills as they sit down for dinner and see the surprises that you have waiting for them! With all of these fun little hosting tips, it's sure to be memorable night that you and your guests will be talking about for years to come!

DAY 6: Celebrate The Howl-idays With Your Pets
Keep Them Safe & Give 'Em A Treat
December 6, 2013

Christmas can be a stressful time for all of us, including our beloved family pets.

That's why it's incredibly important for you to keep the following safety tips in mind throughout the entire holiday season. Ensure that your furry friend stays safe and comfortable this winter because after all, our pets should be able to enjoy Christmas just like the rest of the family!

One way to help your cat or dog celebrate the holiday season with the family is to create a personalized pet stocking that you can fill with new toys and treats just for them ( offers both a Dog Stocking and Cat Stocking that you can have embroidered with any name)! Hang it next to the rest of the family's stockings so that it's easily accessible and the next time your pet is intimidated by an unfamiliar guest, encourage that guest to use a toy from the stocking to play with the animal so that it will become more at ease in their company.

Another tip to keep in mind throughout the winter is that Christmas trees can create numerous safety hazards for pets. Vacuum around the tree regularly to prevent sharp pine needles from getting stuck in your pet's paws or fur. When it's time to decorate your tree avoid tinsel, ribbon and ornaments made from real dog or cat treats. Pets love to eat the shiny tinsel and ribbon, which can become stuck in their intestines and make them ill, and if your tree isn't anchored properly, your pets could bring the entire tree down with them when they jump up and try to reach the ornaments that are made with real treats.

Instead, decorate your tree with one of our Personalized Pet Ornaments, like the popular Top Dog© Ornament or one of our pet photo ornaments, which are not only safe, they also help add a personal touch to your Christmas tree and last for many years to come!

Last but not least, remember to make time in your busy holiday schedule to take your dogs out for a walk. They'll love the exercise and fresh air almost as much as they'll love all the attention they'll be getting when you take them out wearing one of our cute Personalized Christmas Outfits for Dogs, like the adorable "Santa's Helper" Christmas Dog Bandana!

Follow these safety tips and your pets will be able to enjoy Christmas just as much as you do. If you need more gift ideas for pets, check out all of our Personalized Pet Gifts, with our side selection of personalized gifts for pets, you'll be sure to find everything you're looking for!

DAY 7: Host A Christmas Cookie Exchange
Decorating Tips For More Fun & Less Mess
December 7, 2013

Christmas Cookie Exchange parties are like a dream come true. What's not to love about a party where you get to sit back and relax with family and friends while you sample and share all different kinds of Christmas cookies?!

Make this year's party extra special by adding a couple of personal touches that, though simple, are sure to help you and your loved ones create memories that will last a lifetime.

Get everyone in the Christmas spirit right from the start by welcoming all of your party guests into your home while wearing a Personalized Santa Apron! This cute Christmas apron is not only fun and festive, it's also sure to come in handy later when you're decorating cookies and icing starts to get everywhere.

As your guests arrive, lead them over to a cookie decorating station that is set up with all different kinds of icing, sprinkles, candies and other baking accessories. Make sure you have pre-baked cookies out and ready for people to start decorating and if you have the oven space, have some sugar cookie dough and cookie cutters on hand so that people can be creative and come up with their own cookie shapes.

It's also a good idea to put out some photos of different decorating styles that everyone can use as inspiration for their own cookies. These Melting Snowman Cookies are cute and clever and would be a fun project for older kids and adults (Click the link for directions on how to make your own Melting Snowman Cookies). If you have younger children who haven't quite mastered their decorating skills yet, try these precious Rudolph Cookies, which are just as fun as the melting snowmen but only require a few simple decorating steps that are perfect for beginners. Another valuable tip for decorating with kids is to buy a couple of ketchup squeeze bottles from your local dollar store and fill each of them up with the different colored icing. The squeeze bottles will make it easier for kids to decorate their cookies and will help prevent a huge mess.

But wait! Before you let the kids start to decorate their cookies, make sure their clothes will be protected from spills by surprising them with their own Lil' Christmas Baker© Kid's Apron! This adorable apron comes with the option to add any name above the cute Christmas Cookie design and any message below it, however "Cookie Taster" is our favorite personalization suggestion. You can also personalize a matching Chef Hat or Pot Holder, too!

The kids will love their new gifts and the Moms will love you for saving them from potential stains.

Once everyone has their personalized aprons on, sit back, relax and let the decorating begin! Don't forget to take lots of pictures of everyone decorating cookies in their aprons - in the future you'll want the photos to look back on and remember all of the fun you had on this memorable day!

DAY 8: Add A Personal Touch To Your Tree
Start A New Tradition With Ornaments
December 8, 2013

Personalized Christmas Ornaments are like beautiful time capsules. They're a great tool for preserving memories, commemorating special life events and starting new Christmas traditions that your family can continue to pass down for generations to come.

FIf you and your spouse are newlyweds celebrating your first Christmas together as a married couple, you should commemorate the special occasion with an ornament like the "Our Life Together" Couple's Ornament. This stunning glass ornament can be engraved with both your names and up to nine lines of personalization. You can choose to use those nine lines to highlight details from your wedding day, such as the date, reception hall, church, etc. or you can fill in the nine lines with highlights from the past year, making sure to include details about the vacations you've be on, the special events you've attended, your favorite hobbies or activities and anything else you can come up with! Make it a tradition to create a new ornament each Christmas that summarizes the year that you've shared together. Year after year as you decorate your Christmas tree, you'll be able to go through each of the ornaments and look back on the most special memories from every year that you've been married!

For families with children, starting a new tradition with Personalized Photo Ornaments are a great way to capture precious moments in time. Photos of their first steps, their first day of kindergarten, their first soccer game or any photo you'd like can be uploaded to one of our photo ornament designs, like the popular Photo Sentiments Personalized Ornament, and printed on a beautiful ceramic ornament that you can also have personalized with lines of text to describe the special moment. In addition to commemorating special moments, personalizing a new photo ornament of your kids each Christmas will also allow you to see how they've grown throughout the years!

Even though it may seem like the distant future, someday your children will have their own Christmas trees and it's never too early to get them started on their own ornament collection. Start a new tradition by giving each of your children a new personalized ornament that represents something important they did the past year. If they joined a new team, personalize the Sports Jersey T-shirt Ornament with their name, team number, the year, your choice of 5 sports plus their team colors so they'll always remember all the fun they had. If they just started taking ballet lessons the adorable Ballerina© Ornament, which can be personalized with any name and any 3-line message, is a great way to celebrate their new hobby. Both the Sports & Leisure and Baby & Kids Departments are full of unique ornament designs that are perfect for remembering all of their special moments throughout the year!

Start any one of these new traditions and your Christmas tree will become more and more special as the years go by. Each year, when it's time to decorate the tree, make sure to put on your favorite Christmas songs as you go through each ornament one by one and look back on all the memorable moments you've shared together!

DAY 9: Tips To Save Time & Stay Organized This Christmas
Master Gift Wrapping & Holiday Stress
December 9, 2013

The holiday season can become very stressful, that's why we've put together some great ways for you to save time and stay organized amongst all the Christmas chaos this year!

Tips for Christmas Shopping

- First thing's first, click HERE to get a free printable of our exclusive Forget-Me-Not Shopping List and Shopping Planner that will not only help you make sure that you haven't left anyone off of your shopping list, it will also help you plan a budget and keep track of what gifts have been purchased, wrapped and sent for each of the people on your list.

- Keep an envelope in your purse so you can keep track of all your receipts in one spot. This will come in handy should you need to make any returns after Christmas.

- When checking out, always ask for gift boxes and tissue paper – many stores will have them available for free, you just have to ask!

- Always, always, always ask for a gift receipt even if you're 100% sure the recipient will love the gift. It's polite to include it with the gift and there's always the chance that they could receive two of the same gift or that the product could be damaged.

Tips for Wrapping Gifts

- Our Napkins, Ribbon, Bags and Tags Christmas Department is full of different personalized Christmas gift stickers, like the popular "Season's Greetings" Stickers, when labeling your Christmas gifts. They add a nice, personal touch but will also save you tons of time since you won't have to write out your own name on each to/from sticker!

- Keep your rolls of wrapping paper stored in a Garment bag that you can hang in the closet. It will keep the paper organized and out of your way while also preventing it from getting smashed or wrinkled!

- When faced with a large or oddly shaped gift that is too complicated to wrap with wrapping paper, keep it personal by using our Holiday Cheer Personalized Ribbon. Use it to create a bow that will add the perfect amount of style and Christmas flare so the gift recipient won't even notice that it's missing wrapping paper!

- Instead of buying expensive, individual gift bags for the bottles of wine you'll be giving as gifts this Christmas, decorate your wine bottles with our colorful Festive Monogram Personalized Wine Tags (or any of our other Personalized Wine Tag Designs). They add a touch of your own personal style all while saving you time and money!

Bonus Christmas Tips

- Using ice cubes or a wine bottle to water your Christmas tree will save you the headache of the cleaning up seasonal spills from your Personalized Christmas Tree Skirts which usually happen when watering with pitchers.

- Stuff your Personalized Christmas Stockings with tissue paper leading up to Christmas morning to prevent any slouching or creases. It will help them stand out so they look beautiful for visitors and in the background of all your family photos.

- Save yourself hours of untangling next year by wrapping your Christmas lights around cardboard for neat stacking and storage after the holidays are over.

DAY 10: De-Stress With A Christmas Movie Marathon
Grab The Popcorn & Cozy Up To Christmas!
December 10, 2013

Take the night off of your busy holiday schedule and relax with your family with a Christmas Movie Marathon!

Choose a movie your whole family will enjoy, like Home Alone, Elf or Christmas Vacation and settle in on the couch for some fun.

No movie would be complete with popcorn, so before you start the movie, fill up your Personalized Bamboo Red Popcorn Bowls with your favorite flavor of popcorn! Choose a large bowl that the whole family can grab from, or personalize individual bowls for each member of your family. The warm red color is perfect for the holiday season but can also be used all year long!

Once everyone has their snacks ready, get everyone situated on the couch and tuck them in with one of our Embroidered blankets, like our popular "Initially Yours" Personalized Blanket. Our blankets come in a wide variety of materials, colors and designs so you're sure to find the perfect blanket to match each family member's personalized style! Start a fire in the fireplace and let everyone cozy up together for the night.

Personalize a design from our wide variety of Personalized Pillow Cases, like the new "All Mine!" Personalized Pillowcase and have your little ones invite friends over to have a camp out in the family room! They can take their popcorn bowls, blankets and pillows into a fort where they can pretend like they're watching the movie from a tent! They'll have a blast making new memories with movies that are sure to get them in the Christmas spirit!

DAY 11: Tips For A Kid-Friendly Christmas Party
Have Fun With Inside & Outside Activities
December 11, 2013

Make the little ones at your Christmas party feel extra special this year by preparing some festive games and activities just for them!

Get the party started by inviting each of the children to open a gift – personalized Christmas party shirts! Both the adorable Christmas Reindeer Personalized Kid's Apparel and the silly Dear Santa Personalized Clothes would be the perfect party shirt. They both come in boy and girl designs and can be personalized with any name on a baby bodysuit, a baby bib, a youth t-shirt or a toddler hooded sweatshirt.

Once they have their party shirts on, it's time for the fun activities to begin! Instruct the little ones to put on their coats, snow pants and snow boots and head outside to make a snowman! Have the kids work together to create a silly snowman standing on its head, or give them other fun snowman ideas to execute. Make sure to bring your camera to capture pretty snow angels, snow forts and of course, action shots from a snowball fight!

When it starts to get dark, invite all of the kids back inside to warm up with some hot cocoa in a personalized mug, like our Christmas Character Mug, which can be personalized with a cartoon character that looks just like them! You can choose from boy or girl characters available in 6 hair color and 4 skin complexion options plus you can add their name and any 4-line message on the back. The kids will feel special knowing you make a mug, especially for them!

Once everyone has warmed up, kick off the indoor fun with a game like "pin the nose on the snowman." Create a snowman from construction paper and tape it to a wall or door in your home, making sure to leave the orange paper nose off the final piece. Put a piece of double stick tape on the back of the snowman's nose and have all of the kids line up a couple feet away. Let each of them take turns being blindfolded, spun 3 times and trying their luck at pinning the nose on the snowman and whoever lands it closest to the middle of the snowman's face should be declared as the winner.

Continue the fun all night long with minute-to-win it games, like Indoor Snowball Toss where each child takes turns tossing marshmallow "snowballs" through a festive Christmas wreath and into a bucket. Keep track of who wins each mini-game and at the end of the night, whoever won the most mini-games wins a prize!

Having lots of little games is a great way to keep their attention and entertain kids of all ages, while also giving multiple kids a chance at being a winner. With all the fun they'll be having, your Christmas party is sure to be their favorite party of the year!

DAY 12: Make Christmas Morning Magical
Tips Both Parents & Kids Will Love!
December 12, 2013

Christmas morning is one of the most magical days of the year and we want to help you enjoy all of the excitement and joy that Christmas morning brings, that's why we've put together some great tips that both kids and parents will love!

Christmas morning comes pretty early for parents who have been up all night wrapping "Santa" presents, especially because the kids usually wake up earlier due to excitement. This year, buy yourself a little time and surprise your little ones by placing a special activity gift outside their bedroom doors, like the Merry Christmas Personalized Coloring Book & Crayon Set. This unique coloring book can be customized with your child's name on the front cover and inside pages and you get to choose from 1 of our 4 cartoon characters that you want to be featured throughout the book. The book is full of holiday pictures to color, as well as Christmas-themed games, mazes and puzzles. Speaking of puzzles, the Merry Christmas Personalized Puzzle (or anyone of our Personalized Puzzles) is also a great gift idea to place outside their door. When they wake up, instead of running straight to your bedroom to pounce on you, they'll be able to spend some quiet time coloring in their new activity book or putting together their new Christmas puzzle!

The door gifts won't be able to hold them off forever so once everyone is awake, make sure to have your camera ready and head over to the Christmas tree. Surprise them by leaving magical Santa footprints near the cookies and milk they set out the night before (as you can see in the banner image above). To create Santa footprints, put a pair of boots down on the ground and sprinkle flour around them so that when you remove them, all that's left in their place is a snow-like outline of a boot. Sure you'll have to clean up a little mess later on but it will be totally worth it after you see the look of wonder on your children's faces!

Have the footprints make a trail to the Christmas gifts and let the gift opening begin! Thanks to Pinterest, we found a great tip for parents to use when the wrapping paper starts to go flying. Take a large cardboard box and wrap it in Christmas wrapping paper, making sure to leave the top part of the box open. Place it near the tree and as the kids start unwrapping their gifts, have them throw the paper away in the box. The pretty box will function as a trash can but will be disguised like a present so it will still look nice in all of your Christmas morning photos!

The fun doesn't stop after the presents, make Christmas morning breakfast memorable by serving reindeer pancakes! Use whip cream and blueberries for the eyes, a strawberry for the nose and strips of bacon for the antlers and they won't believe it when they look down and see Rudolph on their plates!

It's the little details that matter and with this easy tips, your Christmas morning is sure to be one you'll treasure for years to come!

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