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Your Perfect
Valentine's Day

Share Your Perfect Valentine's Day for a Chance to Win

Congratulations to our winner: Elaina Kindell!
Thank you to all participants who entered! The contest is now closed.

Every great romance starts small - maybe it was a smile, a random act of kindness or a matchmaking friend that brought you together. No matter how it all began, your story is one-of-a-kind.

Personalization Mall wants to know how you'd make your Valentine feel special if the only limit was your imagination. Maybe you'd see a movie at the theater where you first met, book a trip to the site of your honeymoon, or give him that Corvette Stingray he's always dreamed of driving.

Share your ultimate Valentine's Day on Pinterest for the chance to win a $500 Personalization Mall gift card.
    Entering the contest is easy:

  1. Create a Pinterest board called "My Perfect Valentine's Day"

  2. Let your imagination run wild. Pin pictures to your board. Add places you'd like to visit, personalized gifts you'd love to give, and new memories you're eager to make. Check out our "Perfect Valentine's Day" board for inspiration.

  3. Submit your name, email and your Board URL below to be entered into the contest.

One winner will be chosen based on factors like creativity, compelling visuals and overall quality. You can read the full contest rules here.

This is one time when daydreaming could pay off. Good luck!

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