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Over thirty-five years ago, Founder & CEO Livia Cowan had a vision that beauty could emerge from 100% recycled glass and aluminum. She set off on a road trip through Mexico in her camper, and returned with a truckload of glassware made from recycled Coke bottles. Soon after, she set up shop in her parent's garage. . .and Mariposa was born! Environmental sustainability has changed since our founding, enabling us to proudly share that our pieces are made of recycled materials. When we started back in 1983, that was taboo! We're proud to be an industry leader, and have been invested in eco-friendly awareness for more than three decades. We are motivated by the core values to create unique products–ensuring that artisans enjoy competitive wages, excellent benefits, and safe working conditions–all while attaining the high standards set here in the U.S.

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