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Spotted Kettle Studio

Spotted Kettle Studio is a one-woman social paper studio, founded in a tiny apartment outside Chicago on the notion of creating beautiful things for beautiful people. Alicia Zyburt, the founder and designer, strives to create diverse, inclusive greetings and stationery to spread positivity and love to everyone who needs it (because everyone does). Zyburt only creates the sort of greeting she knows her friends would want to receive. With this in mind, Spotted Kettle Studio designs are cocktails of popular culture, delightful puns, and a genuine sweetness. Zyburt creates them with a steaming cup of tea forever by her side.

Merry Everything & Happy Always Personalized Christmas Cards - 25276
was $1.60 SALE $1.00 & up
Holiday Ornament Personalized Christmas Cards - 25278
$1.45 and up
Color Swatch Personalized New Home Greeting Card - 24669
$3.99 and up
Our New Nest Personalized Housewarming Invitations - 24681
$1.60 and up
We Have a New Home Personalized Moving Announcements - 24792
$1.60 and up
Fill Our New Mailbox Personalized Moving Announcements - 24793
$1.55 and up
Moon Mama Personalized Mother's Day Greeting Card - 24213
$3.99 and up
Beautiful Lifetime Personalized First Mother's Day Greeting Card - 24214
$3.99 and up
First Father's Day Personalized Greeting Card - 24456
$3.99 and up
Happy Father's Day Personalized Greeting Card - 24457
$3.99 and up
All Is Bright 5 Photo Personalized Christmas Postcards - 25279
was $1.19 SALE $1.00 & up
Winter Calligraphy Personalized Christmas Photo Cards - 25277
was $1.60 SALE $1.00 & up
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