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1 Year Anniversary Gifts

The traditional first year anniversary gift is paper, hence the first anniversary is also known as the paper anniversary. Paper symbolizes new beginnings and the fragility of a new relationship. A young marriage is delicate and fragile, like paper, and can be easily torn apart after just one year together. However, paper also represents a new beginning, like a clean sheet of paper. It is up to the newly married couple to write their love story so that it stands the test of time. The alternate, modern first year anniversary gift is clocks. Browse both paper and clock anniversary gift ideas below.

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PAGE: 1 2 3 4 5

First Year: Paper Anniversary Gifts

What is the 1 year anniversary gift? The first year anniversary is symbolized by paper, which although fragile, is full of potential.

1st Anniversary Gifts

Unique paper anniversary gifts include a set of personalized love coupons, a love letter in a bottle, tickets to a concert or special event, or the wedding vows printed on a piece of paper and framed for display. Other great one year anniversary gifts include a framed art print, the first edition of a book, a set of personalized stationery or a custom journal.

However, paper isn't the only gift option. The modern first anniversary gift is clocks. You can surprise your spouse or another couple on their first anniversary with an engraved clock that includes a loving message, or a pair of matching wristwatches for him and her.

In addition to the symbolic anniversary gifts, the first year anniversary colors are gold and yellow, the flowers are carnations and pansies and the jewelry gift is gold. These can also help you find unique gift ideas and new ways to celebrate your very first wedding anniversary.

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