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Home Away From Home Personalized Triple Pour Candle Jar


  • Item # 21611
  • Personalize the rustic printed label with the title of your home and any 2 lines of text
  • Choose from 3 label colors and 2 candle scents
  • Sea & Sand Candle: Rain, Linen and Orange Scents
  • 18 oz. glass candle jar with silver lid
  • Features highly fragranced double wick- for even burn and fragrance performance
  • Three fragrances in one
  • Premium marbled wax
  • Poured in the USA
  • 3 colors to choose from
    • Blue
    • Natural
    • Grey

Product Overview:

Item # 21611

Our Home Away From Home Personalized Triple Pour Candle Jar is the perfect candle decor for any home you may have. 
Please Note: There may be slight imperfections and some pieces may have slight differences in the wax. Wax slightly contracts and expands with the environments temperature which will sometimes cause the wax to pull away from the surface of your glass jar. This movement can result in a bubbled appearance. Once your candle is lit the wax will begin to warm and expand and these bubbles you may see from the outside of the jar will disappear.  

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