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25th Anniversary Gifts

The traditional and modern 25th year anniversary gift is silver, therefore the 25th anniversary is known as the silver anniversary. Silver symbolizes brilliance, radiance and the value of a long lasting marriage. As one of the most precious metals in the world, silver has always been very valuable, so it’s only fitting that it represents such an important wedding anniversary milestone. In some parts of the world silver is also considered to be sacred and holy, even possessing mystical powers. Popular 25th wedding anniversary gifts include silver picture frames, jewelry, personalized trays, and watches. Browse all silver anniversary gift ideas for spouses and other couples below. 

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Roman Numerals Personalized Anniversary Necklace - 25400D
was $39.99 SALE $29.99
Personalized Silver Guitar Pick Necklace - Romantic Love - 13977
was $35.99 SALE $21.59
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Personalized Bud Vase - The One I Love - 18217
was $29.99 SALE $17.99
Personalized Flower Vase - Love You Longer - 16330
was $29.99 SALE $17.99
Love Story Personalized Couples Blankets - 16911
was $79.99 SALE $36.99 & up
Personalized Anniversary Glass Wine Chiller & Ice Bucket - 10104
was $82.99 SALE $49.79
Personalized Silver Money Clip - LaSalle Collection - 8990
was $29.99 SALE $17.99
Engraved Pink Border Jewery Box - You Name It - 15459
was $29.99 SALE $17.99
Personalized Throw Pillows - Romantic Love Quotes - 14128
was $33.99 SALE $19.99 & up
Engraved Lipstick Case - Makeup Motto - 14833
was $19.99 SALE $11.99
Personalized Romantic Keepsake - Love Birds - 15189
was $44.99 SALE $26.99
Personalized Wall Cross - Our Anniversary Blessing - 10311
was $18.99 SALE $11.39 & up
Engraved Glass Leather Watch Box - Timeless Message - 15648
was $84.99 SALE $49.99 & up
Personalized Crystal Flower Vase - Love In Bloom - 7615
was $99.99 SALE $59.99
Personalized Anniversary Blankets - Forever & Ever - 17390
was $79.99 SALE $36.99 & up
Love Is Kind Personalized Mirrored Jewelry Boxes - 12538
was $44.99 SALE $26.99 & up
Personalized Anniversary Picture Frames - Mariposa String Of Pearls - 14789
was $89.99 SALE $53.99 & up
Personalized Wedding Home Plaque - Songbird - 18031D
Mariposa Personalized Jewelry Tray - String of Pearls - 15861
was $44.99 SALE $26.99
Personalized Glass Wedding Clock - Everlasting Love Design - 7047
was $62.99 SALE $37.79
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25th Year: Silver Wedding Anniversary Gifts

What is the 25 year anniversary gift? The silver anniversary dates all the way back to the Middle Ages when husbands would crown their wives with a wreath of silver on their 25th anniversary.

25th Anniversary Gifts

Today, silver jewelry and accessories, picture frames, photo albums, candle holders and other engraved silver keepsakes make great 25th anniversary gift ideas.

Customize a silver tie bar, a pair of silver cuff links or a beautiful vintage inspired silver pocket watch for him. A silver necklace, bracelet or ring presented in a personalized silver keepsake box make great 25th anniversary gift ideas for her.

For parents or another couple celebrating 25 years of bliss an anniversary announcement in the local paper is a lovely gesture. You can also honor the couple with a silver picture frame or another silver memento they can look back on to remember this milestone anniversary.

If you want to go with flowers, the 25th anniversary flower is the beautiful iris, which comes in many varieties and colors.

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