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Do you provide a preview?

  • Previews are provided for all Design Your Own items, our previews show the final production file design for your item. We do not modify, add or remove any portion of your design. If you see anything in your preview that is not as you designed it, please start your design over.
    •  Clip Art can be imported with a white background or a transparent background, the preference is to import with a Transparent Background (JPG or PNG format)
    •  Sample text should not appear in your preview.  
      • Example below: The words Sample Text will appear if you click the Add Text button but have not entered any text.
    •  Do not use like colors for your product background and your design such as Blue on blue – the design may be lost in the background color as shown in the example below.
    • Extending an image or text beyond the design area will cut off the design, in some instances this is acceptable (the preview will show where the design will be cut off).        
    • A Warning message will appear when part of the design is outside the printing area. You may need to move the design if you do not want the image to be cut off. Pressing OK acknowledges that it is okay for the design to be cut off. At this point you can click on cancel and edit your design.   





    • We suggest using an opposite color background and sizing the image within the printable boundary for a cohesive look.   


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