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How do I create my own custom design?

  • As a new user, you can start by clicking the “Design Your Own” tab at the top of the page. Choose a product from our wide variety of items on our Design Your Own Page, then begin your creation.
    Click on the product – review the details about the product you have chosen such as material, dimensions, sizes and design options. Begin creating your custom product design by following the steps below:
    Click on the picture of the productthis will bring you to the design selection page. Your product design area will show with a dotted line indicating the design space available. For cylindrical shaped items that have a wrapping design, the design will be laid out flat from left to right; designs do not meet when wrapped. The size of the design space will be indicated just below the design box.
    Add Text – Enter your text in the box and click on Add
    Font Styles and Effects – You can choose Font styles, Text color, placement of text, outline thickness, shadow lettering or arc the words and other effects for the text from the edit tool. You can go back to the text box and change the wording or the effects by clicking on the text box.  
    Add Photo Click on Image – you can browse our gallery of clip art or upload photos from your computer. Photos need to be in JPEG format.
    Hint – crop your photo for the desired effect before uploading. 
    To size or move your text, clip art or photo - use your mouse to move the text or picture to the desired location in the design space by clicking and holding the mouse button on the item to be moved.
    The four corner buttons (A) - Keep the ratio of your text or image the same but increase or decrease the size by clicking and holding one of the 4 corner buttons.
    The center left and right buttons (B) - Will increase/decrease the width of the text or image (changing the proportion ratio of the image).
    The center top and bottom buttons (C) - Will increase/decrease the height of the text or image (changing the proportion ratio of the image).
    The Directional Arrows – Allows you to move the text or image by clicking and holding the mouse button on the arrows and navigating it to the location you want.
    The Curved Arrows – Allows you to tilt or rotate the text or image to the desired angle by clicking and holding the mouse button on the curved arrows and rotating the image. 

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